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n.1.(Surg.) See Trocar.
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In addition, 1 transfusion occurred due to an inferior epigastric artery injury after insertion of a laparoscopic trochar and 4 transfusions were due to bleeding in the renal bed.
Table 1: Indications for thoracostomy in groups Injury Trochar ICD Blunt ICD n=25 (%) Cn=25 (%) Hemothorax 14 (56) 13 (52) Pneumothorax 9 (26) 10 (40) Tension 2 (8) 1 (4) pneumothorax Flail chest 4 (16) 5 (20) Table 2: Complications Complications Trochar thoracostomy Blunt thoracostom n=25(%) y (n=25) Vascular injury 1 (6.66) 0 Diaphragm injury 1 (6.66) 0 Splenic injury 1 (6.66) 0 Liver injury 0 0 Bowel injury 1 (6.66) 0 Bronchopleural 1 (6.66) 0 fistula Heart injury 0 0 Subcutaneous 3 (20) 0 placement Intraparenchymal 1 (6.66) 0 placement Re-expansion 0 0 pulmonary edema Phrenic nerve 0 0 injury Esophageal 0 0 perforation Chylothorax 0 0 Cardiac 0 0 dysrhythmias Infectious 2 (13.33) 2 (13.33) complications
I used a plastic pipe and a device called a trochar, a spiked tube.
As for the surgical instruments, two trochars were placed on the midclavicular line for both left and right and for additional assistance, a 5 mm trochar was placed on the anterior axillary line above the iliac crest.
The skin and body wall were penetrated just caudal to the last rib on the left flank with a small sharp trochar, then a larger trochar inside the endoscope cannula was inserted into the initial puncture site.
Inserting the 10 mm trochar, C[O.sub.2] was insufflated to a maximum pressure of 2.0 kPa, and then the laparoscope was introduced.
The pump was connected to the bladder with an IV bag trochar via one of the IV bag's access ports.
Comparison of the outcome of two surgical procedures was done in terms of operation time (in minutes), post operative time required for return of normal bowel activity (audible bowel sounds) (in hours), post operative hospital stay (in days), post operative requirement of analgesics (number of days), rate of conversion from laparoscopic to open cholecystectomy and intra - operative complications e.g gall bladder perforation, uncontrolled hemorrhage, common bile duct injury or ligation of common bile duct and injury of viscera during trochar or verres needle insertion in laparoscopic cholecystectomy.
The trochar screeched, squealed, as they drove it into the hardened flesh of his legs.