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(Units) a unit of weight used to measure the density of yarns. It is equal to 1 gram per 1000 metres
[C20: from French, from textile textile]


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Then, in a fairly confusing list of technical begats over a decade or so, RUNOFF (capitals) led to "runoff" (lowercase), then to "rf," "roffT "nroff" and "troff"--all software programs that utilized the same basic idea as TJ-2.
SoftQuad is a 12 year-old company which began life selling versions of the Unix text formatting utilities nroff and troff. It moved on to selling SGML authoring tools to government and other markets, and brought the first version of HoTMetaL out at the birth of the web, in spring 1993.
My tools might seem ancient - troff, diff, patch, shell scripts, and Awk programs.
A parallel set of markup schemes was thus developed for printing and formatting, most notably TeX, TROFF, and later various word processors, such as WordPerfect, where the markup is exposed by the Reveal Codes function.
Their post-processing model was a state model: Each code string represented a change to the state of the typesetter (as with troff and TeX today).