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Noun1.Troglodytes - type genus of the TroglodytidaeTroglodytes - type genus of the Troglodytidae  
bird genus - a genus of birds
Troglodytes troglodytes, winter wren - small wren of coniferous forests of northern hemisphere
house wren, Troglodytes aedon - common American wren that nests around houses
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These vile old troglodytes are no longer there; but into their deserted cave another terrible giant has thrust himself, and makes it his business to seize upon honest travellers and fatten them for his table with plentiful meals of smoke, mist, moonshine, raw potatoes, and sawdust.
The publishing house is named after the Clochoderick Stone, near Kilbarchan, which was previously frequented by an older Paisley literary group NAMEDTHE Troglodytes, who would go to the stone for an annual day out.
On her first morning there, she hears the song of a tiny winter wren, whose Latin name is Troglodytes pacificus, "the ones who creep into the holes.
Naturally, it didn't take long of for those gangs of troglodytes who inhabit certain social media caves, where they spend their time slamming women, minorities, and rationalizing the infiltration of a foreign power into our democratic processI have no quantitative basis for this particular Venn diagram, just my gut and my powers of perceptionto let it be known they do not see a woman of Amy's physical attributes to be the correct choice for the role.
Pan Troglodytes is the scientific name for which animal?
First-time director S Craig Zahler's western horror mash-up sees sheriff (Kurt Russell) and three deputies head into the wilderness to rescue two people abducted by a tribe of cave-dwelling Troglodytes.
It does confirm my long-held belief, that the wonders of modern technology and communication are diminished when you sell the stuff to Troglodytes.
The setting is the ironically titled town of Bright Hope whose sheriff (Kurt Russell) and three deputies (Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins and Matthew Fox) head into the wilderness to rescue two people who've been abducted by a tribe of cave-dwelling troglodytes.
Celebrity Big Brother and its troglodytes took the history of telly to its lowest point this week.
Dominance rank and fecal testosterone levels in adult male chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda.
Geographic range extension of Thorius troglodytes (Hanken & Wake, 1998) in Puebla state, Mexico.