Trolley wire

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1.A heavy conducting wire on which the trolley car runs and from which it receives the current.
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The proposed solution is intended for single-phase trolley wire system.
"Within eight hours prior to such equipment move, trolley wire crossovers and switches located on the equipment travel route shall be examined for proper clearance by a certified foreman or fireboss and the following necessary safety precautions implemented," regulators added.
The tender was announced in Bishkek for the purchase of a trolley wire; support of a contact network; protecting devices for automatic feeder cells; equipment for traction substations; power traction transformer; and a mobile laboratory for high voltage tests.
As a tram car passed along the end of Bristol Road, near Essex Street, one of the insulators carrying the trolley wire gave way and the wire fell.
Trolley systems used in mining generally employ a suspended trolley wire energized at 300 or 600 V dc.