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(Plants) See globeflower
[New Latin, from German Trollblume globeflower]
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Noun1.trollius - perennial herbs of north temperate regions: globeflowersTrollius - perennial herbs of north temperate regions: globeflowers
magnoliid dicot genus - genus of dicotyledonous flowering plants regarded as among the most primitive of extant angiosperms
globe flower, globeflower - any of several plants of the genus Trollius having globose yellow flowers
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Other notable gems included Zizia aurea a golden cow parsley-like beauty that will I am sure become much sought-after by plantaholics following its debut at this year's show and Geum Lisanne with its almost luminescent lemon flowers a fantastic companion for Lanium Maculatum, Trollius x cultorum Cheddar and Digitalis Lutea.
Additionally, (-)-trolline, the optical isomer of (+)-oleracein E (OE), was isolated from the flower of the medicinal plant Trollius chinensis.
Wang, "Antioxidant effects of the orientin and vitexin in trollius chinensis bunge in D-galactose-aged mice," Neural Regeneration Research, vol.
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For example, restricted dispersal of Vaccinium myrtillus, Rhinanthus minor, Rumex acetosa, Cicerbita alpina, Trollius europaeus and Campanula thyrsoides appears to be the foremost reason for the patchy distribution, because seeds added manually to unoccupied sites resulted in successful germination (Lindgren et al, 2007; Frei et al.
Soon afterwards hemerocallis and trollius will be in full spate.
SHOYAMA, Y A Bioactive Alkaloid from the Flowers of Trollius chinensis.
DIVIDE and replant waterside plants such as astilbes and trollius.