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n, pl -lums or -la (-lə)
(Plants) any garden plant of the genus Tropaeolum esp the nasturtium
[C18: from New Latin, from Latin tropaeum trophy; referring to the shield-shaped leaves and helmet-shaped flowers]
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Noun1.tropaeolum - a tropical American genus of dicotyledonous climbing or diffuse pungent herbs constituting the family TropaeolaceaeTropaeolum - a tropical American genus of dicotyledonous climbing or diffuse pungent herbs constituting the family Tropaeolaceae
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
family Tropaeolaceae, nasturtium family, Tropaeolaceae - coextensive with the genus Tropaeolum
nasturtium - any tropical American plant of the genus Tropaeolum having pungent juice and long-spurred yellow to red flowers
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Asi, encontramos la propuesta de Pearsall de tres sistemas (1978) o complejos (1992) definidos geograficamente ("complejo de tierras bajas", "complejo de elevaciones medias andinas" y "complejo de altas elevaciones andinas") y por la presencia de ciertas asociaciones vegetales en los sitios arqueologicos (Manihot esculenta Crantz, Euphorbiaceae-, Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.--Convolvulaceaey Canna edulis Ker.,--Cannaceae--en el primer complejo; Phaseolus vulgaris L.--Fabaceae-; Amaranthus caudatus L.--Amarantaceae- y Erythroxylum coca Lam.-Erythroxylaceae--en el segundo complejo y Solanum tuberosum L.--Solanaceae-, Tropaeolum tuberosum Ruiz & Pavon Tropaeolaceae- y Ullucus tuberosus Caldas--Basellaceaeen el tercero, entre otros).
Especies invasoras historicas detectadas: Acacia cyanophylla, Ageratina adenophora, Ageratina riparia, Albizia distachya, Anredera cordifolia, Arundo donax, Centranthus ruber, Chasmanthe aethiopica, Cytisus scoparius, Mirabilis jalapa, Pelargonium inquinans, Ricinus communis, Populus alba, Senecio mikanioides, Spartium junceum, Tradescantia fluminensis, Tropaeolum majus, Ulex europaeus.
Gladioli and other summer-flowering corms such as ixias and sparaxis, tubers of Tropaeolum tuberosum and half-hardy summer-flowering bulbs including tigridias and chincherinchees should be lifted in autumn, as soon as the foliage has been blackened by frost.
SOW summer climbers such as black-eyed Susan (thunbergia) and canary creeper (tropaeolum) in pots on a warm windowsill.
But remember that any plant that self-seeds will grow where it wants to, not where you want it: Borago officinalis (borage), Calendula officinalis (marigold, pot marigold), Iberis umbellata (candytuft), Tropaeolum cus.
If you are looking to hide a shed, compost heap or dustbin area, or you just want to cover a wall or fence with minimum fuss and expense then nasturtiums, Tropaeolum majus, are cheap, cheerful and reliable.
Clearly, Tropaeolum majus is an annual (perennial in mild climates) with many virtues.
And be sure to plant a few roots of the Scottish flame creeper Tropaeolum speciosum to ramble through your hedge to light it up with its vivid scarlet flowers.
Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus) is a well-established favourite and the peppery leaves and flowers are edible, but I would rather grow it than eat it, so keep an eye out for Empress of India.
After they have done their stuff many of the spring and early summer flowering shrubs can look a bit uninteresting but not if you let nasturtiums (Tropaeolum major), canary creeper (T.
Reseda odorata, Tropaeolum majus and Althea rosea (Walter Fitch - PGP) IF OUR hosts were frustrated by our insisting we visit all the charity and antique shops we could find last weekend, then they certainly made up for it by making us trawl around their local garden centre...not just once, but twice - in the same day.