a.1.Adorned with trophies.
The trophied arches, storied halls, invade.
- Pope.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Dworkin's sexual veganism finds validation in some photographs, in Hustler, of a woman naked and captive and stunned as a deer, trophied for the benefit of men described in the accompanying text as "hunters." She is on softer ground when reading a dirty little book called Whip Chick and deciding that, though the work is attributed to Jessie Miller, the author must be a man.
LIVERPOOL manager Jurgen Klopp has urged his players to create new history for the club rather than be burdened by tales of its trophied past.
And those were clubs forcing their way into the elite from a standing start rather than one long-established as among the most famous and trophied on the planet.
"After a considerably difficult working period, we succeeded in adding another double trophied season to our history as we defeated Bursaspor in the Turkish Cup final after winning the Super League championship," Hamzaoy-lu said.
And this is where Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United, England's three most trophied clubs, have stood for some time - one part of a wealthy American's sporting portfolio.
The stanza would have been the fourth of the poem, following stanza three's closing scene of the Beadsman "griev[ing] for sinners' sake" and featuring the narrator's guiding voice: But there are ears that may hear sweet melodies, And there are eyes to brighten festivals, And there are feet for nimble minstrelsies, And many a lip that for the red wine calls.-- Follow, then follow to the illumined halls, Follow me youth--and leave the Eremite-- Give him a tear--then trophied banneral, And many a brilliant tasseling of light, Shall droop from arched ways this high Baronial night.
(Muren is tied with Alan Menken as the most trophied living person, with eight previous wins.)
The moated ramparts, the embattled towers, and the trophied halls, are magnificent and venerable, but useless.
The processional pomp of legionaries bowed beneath their trophied arms, the monumental majesty of robed citizens, the gravity of stoled and veiled priests, the beauty of young slaves, and all the paraphernalia of spoils and wreaths and elephants and ensigns are massed together with the self-restraint of noble art subordinating pageantry to rules of lofty composition.
JENNER'S fame will be superior to the trophied urn of the most renowned of warriors" (Charles Murray, Debates in Parliament Respecting the Jennerian Discovery [London, 1808] 5, 78).