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Noun1.Leon Trotsky - Russian revolutionary and Communist theorist who helped Lenin and built up the armyLeon Trotsky - Russian revolutionary and Communist theorist who helped Lenin and built up the army; he was ousted from the Communist Party by Stalin and eventually assassinated in Mexico (1879-1940)
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While assimilationists (and liberals--sometimes but not always the same group) vociferously denied the possibility of a "Jewish nationality" (joined here by such luminaries as Iosif Stalin and Lev Trotskii), the very vehemence of their argumentation indicates that the question was, at best, complicated and highly disputed.
(74.) See RGVA, 33987/1/498, 813: Letter from Lev Trotskii to Nikolai Muralov, 15 September 1922.
El interes de Gomez en la alianza con los nacionalistas posiblemente respondia a los cambios en las politicas y el liderato dentro del entorno sovietico, despues del establecimiento del duunvirato de Bujarin y Stalin y la derrota de Trotskii. (29) Gomez tambien parecia haber ya estructurado una agenda para su feudo, la Liga Anti-Imperialista de las Americas, la cual precisaba de la expansion de la entidad dentro de la region, para asi acrecentar el prestigio tanto de la organizacion como de su lider ante las agencias comunistas internacionales.
(19.) Dmirrii Volkogonov, Trotskii: Politicheskii portret, 2 vols.
Trotskii, who advocated the export of revolution, as defence minister in 1925.
Recognizing that cultural retraining had to accompany political and economic changes, leaders such as Leon Trotskii and the organizers in the party's Women's Bureau (Zhenotdel) addressed material and moral aspects of life, touching on such things as the appearance of homes, drinking, literacy, religion, habits of speech, and polite behavior.
However, the Zapiski were far from a partisan rant, being used by both Miliukov to his right and Trotskii to his left to substantiate their own interpretations of developments from February to October.
Trotskii, `Bor'ba za kulturnuiu rech' [The Struggle for Cultured Speech], in Kul'tura perekhodnogo perioda, Sochineniia, xxi (Moscow, 1927), 27.
(3) Leon Trotsky, quoted in Dmitrii Volkogonov, Trotskii: politicheskii portret (Moscow, 1992), 160.
Trotskii, and adversaries ranging from Socialist Revolutionaries to tsarist officers and pogromists.
Beer refers to how nobles still felt an unbridgeable gap between themselves and their fellow prisoners, while the comparatively lenient treatment of the (noble) Decembrists is mirrored in the later treatment of educated men from noble families, including Lenin and Trotskii. The educated, and women, were usually exempt from corporal punishment, and indeed it was the violation of these established hierarchies that Beer suggests provoked the disintegration of the state's moral authority.
Fundada con el auspicio de los dos lideres de la Revolucion Bolchevique de 1917, Vladimir Ilych Lenin y Leon Trotskii, esta tercera Internacional se proponia revivir el concepto organizativo internacionalista desarrollado originalmente por Karl Marx y otros socialistas europeos en la decada de 1860.