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or Trot·ski  (trŏt′skē, trôt′-), Leon Originally Lev Davidovitch Bronstein. 1879-1940.
Russian revolutionary theoretician. A leader of the Bolshevik Revolution (1917), he was later expelled from the Communist Party (1927) and banished (1929) for his opposition to the authoritarianism of Stalin and his emphasis on world revolution. His writings include Literature and Revolution (1924) and the autobiographical My Life (1930). Trotsky was murdered at the behest of Stalin while in exile in Mexico.


(ˈtrɒtskɪ) or


(Biography) Leon, original name Lev Davidovich Bronstein. 1879–1940, Russian revolutionary and Communist theorist. He was a leader of the November Revolution (1917) and, as commissar of foreign affairs and war (1917–24), largely created the Red Army. He was ousted by Stalin after Lenin's death and deported from Russia (1929); assassinated by a Stalinist agent


(ˈtrɒt ski)

Leon (Lev, or Leib, Davidovich Bronstein), 1879–1940, Russian Communist revolutionary.
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Noun1.Trotsky - Russian revolutionary and Communist theorist who helped Lenin and built up the armyTrotsky - Russian revolutionary and Communist theorist who helped Lenin and built up the army; he was ousted from the Communist Party by Stalin and eventually assassinated in Mexico (1879-1940)
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There is a Russian tradition of killing abroad, stretching back to the assassination of Trotsky, Stalin's great rival, in Mexico City in 1940.
Mr Kamyana, the translator, spoke to participants about the role Trotsky played in the revolution.
Vladimir Lenin, the leading Bolshevik, described Georges Danton of the French Revolution as the greatest revolutionary strategist ever, while Leon Trotsky, who created the Red Army that won the Russian Civil War, held up French revolutionary general Nicolas Carnot as his model.
Because 100 years ago on Monday, Russia's Provisional Government closed down all Bolshevik newspapers, allowing Leon Trotsky to call on the people of Petrograd to rise up as their freedoms were being stolen.
This narrative describes the dramatic arc which took Trotsky and his family and friends from the top of the political ladder to a shocking situation wherein he had been demonized and expelled from the country.
TONY Blair has disclosed how he was inspired to enter politics by the example of the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky.
Words attributed to Leon Trotsky - a Russian, people who know about war.
Por otra parte, le pido publicar la presente carta relacionada con el articulo Trotsky y Mercader, ficcion basada en la realidad, de Columba Vertiz de la Fuente, aparecido en el numero 2087.
Having built relationships with a variety of Bolshevik leaders, including Karl Radek and Leon Trotsky, Arthur is able to pass valuable intelligence to British officials.
Synopsis: Lev Davidovich Trotsky burst onto the world stage in November 1917 as co-leader of a Marxist Revolution seizing power in Russia.
The Life and Death of Leon Trotsky is a biography of Marxist revolutionary, Soviet politician, and founding leader of the Red Army Leon Trotsky (1879-1940).
Este domingo 21 de agosto, se cumplen 76 anos del atroz homicidio de Leon Trotsky, uno de los mas sobresalientes revolucionarios comunistas del siglo XX.