n.1.A low bed on wheels, that may be pushed under another bed; a trundle-bed.
References in classic literature ?
There was an old truckle-bed among the lumber, on which one of the gentlemen might rest.
There was some little discussion between the two travelers, as to which of them should take possession of the truckle-bed.
It was a low truckle-bed, placed parallel with the wall, and close to one of the doors on the bedroom side.
The remembrance of the red fisherman's cap, and the knowledge she had already gained of Mazey's dog-like fidelity to his master, helped her to guess that the old sailor might be the occupant of the truckle-bed.
She acknowledged having walked from end to end of the passage on the second floor, to see if it was as long as the passage on the first; and she mentioned having noticed with astonishment the position of the truckle-bed.
Magdalen's third and last attempt at solving the mystery of the truckle-bed was made while she was waiting on the admiral at dinner.
The floor was of beaten earth; the chair, a table, and a truckle-bed comprised the whole of the furniture.
He lifted the inert mass himself, and carried him across to the truckle-bed, from whence, no doubt, he had just taken him.
again, in the hoarsest voice he could assume; and led the way, with folded arms and knitted brows, to the cellar down below, where there was a small copper fixed in one corner, a chair or two, a form and table, a glimmering fire, and a truckle-bed, covered with a ragged patchwork rug.
He had wisely chosen a broad strip of linen as a means of fastening her to his loom when he was busy: it made a broad belt round her waist, and was long enough to allow of her reaching the truckle-bed and sitting down on it, but not long enough for her to attempt any dangerous climbing.
She was up from the truckle-bed directly, wildly feeling about her for her basket, and gazing at him in affright.
When a truckle-bed with a sick man (some invalided agent from up-country) was put in there, he exhibited a gentle annoyance.