True discount

the interest which, added to a principal, will equal the face of a note when it becomes due. The principal yielding this interest is the present value of the note.

See also: Discount

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I don't eat large meals however, he should have been given the same size plate, that's false advertising as it's not a true discount it's a smaller meal.
(119) One test suggested focuses on determining whether a bundle discount offers a true discount or if it is merely a penalty for not buying the bundle.
Mack said Area is focused on acquiring distressed assets, but noted that the difficulty in obtaining these assets at a true discount has resulted in very few deals thus far.
Strawberry and white grape, in fact, are among the best-selling cigar and cigarillo flavors at True Discount Food Mart, a convenience store, Manager Raj Kumar calls "a tobacco store," in Oak Park, Ill.
He added: "If Dan Boyle is right and that is the true discount then it would conflict with the Government's positions of leaving the banks in private hands." Labour's finance spokeswoman Joan Burton said if the discount was 50 per cent, nationalisation would be inevitable.
When Hy & Zel's was established its stores were the first true discount combination outlets in southern Ontario, and they prospered as a result of their unique status.
UIP managing director Mike Selwyn says, "We need to stimulate the days when trading is very soft and bring back the true discount audience while safeguarding the days that do very well."
It is true that the loan amount is a little less but the veteran is not getting the true discount of $10,000--the down payment has only dropped $3000.
"We are the first and only true discount optical service in Arkansas that offers one-hour service," said Jamie Harper, manager.
It is also a boon to consumers, who get a true discount, not just a manufacturer's markdown.
Raj Kumar, manager of True Discount Food Mart just west of Chicago in Oak Park, Ill., finds OTP a profitable part of the tobacco store's business.