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Noun1.Rajiformes - fish with dorsoventrally flattened bodiesRajiformes - fish with dorsoventrally flattened bodies; includes: rays; skates; guitarfishes; sawfishes
animal order - the order of animals
family Pristidae, Pristidae - large primitive rays with elongated snouts
family Rhinobatidae, Rhinobatidae - primitive rays with guitar-shaped bodies
family Mobulidae, Mobulidae - large rays lacking venomous spines: mantas
family Rajidae, Rajidae - bottom-dwelling tropical rays: skates
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HALL Green Little Theatre is paving the way for It Runs In The Family, the Ray Cooney farce, with an intriguing press release that says: "We guarantee knickers and trousers will soon be being dropped nightly in true Ray Cooney tradition.
So when Peter Bainbridge proclaimed last week that Trevor Brooking is ace, the rest of us, in true Ray Wilkins style, said politely: "I beg to differ there.