Truffle pig

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a pig used for finding truffles.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Other investments include Truffle Pig, Fullscreen, Indigenous Media, Imagina (a content rights and media company based in Spain), MRC, Say Media, Bruin Sports Capital, Courtside Ventures, The Weinstein company and VICE.
Greystone Property Development's strategy resembles that of a truffle pig: It makes a living by searching where others don't even bother to look.
Then someone shoves a wad of bank notes under their snouts and they follow the stench of loot just as a truffle pig sniffs out the pungent aroma of a chunk of fungus.
"The residents wanted some form of wildlife but I couldn't just do fungus so we did the truffle pig as well," he said.
"In a sense producers ought to go through life with their nose on the ground, sniffing around back and forth like a truffle pig. I'm always looking" out for new material, something I haven't already seen 100 times.
We need all the time we can spare to rootle like truffle pig lets through the masses and masses of potentially perfect,labelled clothes.
Shapes include a French rooster, a French truffle pig and garden items, such as a watering can.
A style guru fancies a chocolate cascade, a typical female dreams of a truffle pig, while the typical bloke yearns for chocolate beer!carol's DIARYSuper MarioTHE images of Kosovo we've seen both in print and on TV have been horrendous and appear to be getting worse.
Last year when the two faced each other in the playoffs, I was more confused than a tiny truffle pig wandering around Paul Prudhomme's intestines.
But those efforts have been mixed: Snapchat recently ( decided to lay off several in-house content creators, but it still supports an affiliated agency called ( Truffle Pig .