Trumpet fish

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(Zool.) The bellows fish.
The fistularia.

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But they aren't just holding a pose, as upended trumpet fish do when hiding among sea grasses.
They casually use a spectacular shot of a trumpet fish to demonstrate editing blooming effects, the starfish from the Solomon Islands is so sharp it practically shakes hands with you, and even the hundreds of small veils that make up the Fijian lionfish are no challenge to the edge highlighter.
Previous commands include USS Theodore Roosevelt (SSBN 600) (Gold), USS Trumpet Fish (SS 425), Service School Command, Orlando, USS City Of Corpus Christi (SSN 705), Mobile Technical Unit 14, Kings Bay, upon Commissioning in September 1988, CDR McClellan served on USS Klakring (FFG 42), SIMA Charleston, SC, Oakridge (ARDM 1), Naval Submarine School, Groton, CT, and Trident Refit Facility, Kings Bay, GA.