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Adj.1.trumpet-shaped - shaped in the form of a trumpet; "trumpet-shaped flowers"
formed - having or given a form or shape
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"Even Eye-of-the-Spring [that is a little trumpet-shaped, waxy red flower that runs in and out among the grasses]--even Eye-of- the Spring is shut, and .
A trumpet-shaped flower arrangement stood next to the open casket at the music-filled service at St.
It needs a sunny spot to flower and the bright orange trumpet-shaped blooms appear in clusters at the end of the current year's growth in late summer and early autumn.
In midsummer, trumpet lilies show off large, trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers on tall stems.
The sound of money rolling down the trumpet-shaped containers for the donations for the temple upkeep must have been clearly announcing the generosity of donors.
The celebratory trumpet-shaped flowers, which top elegant tall stems, also give off a delicate scent if you pick the fragrant varieties.
It has an erect stem displaying pale green, alternate, heart-shaped leaves with trumpet-shaped flowers which vary in colour from dull yellow to crimson, and in some varieties resemble pitchers.
Brugmansia (datura) BRUGMANSIA, or datura as they used to be called, are quite spectacular with their bold trumpet-shaped flowers, giving rise to their common name angel's trumpets.
With unique double trumpet-shaped designs and laser cutting technology for valve stent, VenusP-Valve is endowed with a strong radial support force, stable anchoring, and easy release.
Then in summer, trumpet-shaped pink blooms pop up on a single stem.
The flowers are small and trumpet-shaped with a long tube protruding from its petals.