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n.1.(Zool.) The thorax of an insect. See Trunk, n., 5.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It was at this college that he had sketched out what he called his studies, and, through a scholar's teasing habit which still lingered in him, he never passed the façade without inflicting on the statue of Cardinal Pierre Bertrand, sculptured to the right of the portal, the affront of which Priapus complains so bitterly in the satire of Horace, Olim truncus eram ficulnus .
Dicitur enim lingua Danica Krake truncus, cuius semicaesis ramis fastigia conscenduntur, ita ut pes, praecisorum stipitum obsequio perinde ac scalae beneficio nixus sensimque ad superiora provectus, petitae celsitudinis compendium assequatur.
Hemophilus aphrophilus brain abscess associated with truncus arteriosus.
The name is from a Latin word, truncus, meaning cut off, referring to the truncate posterior margin of the left side of the epandrium.
He claimed he had documents relating to the death rates of operations carried out by Mr Wisheart in a procedure to repair arteries called truncus arterosis.
DH: My son, Joe, was born with a rare heart anomaly, truncus arteriousous.
1210 (Willelmi Articuli Londoniis Retractati [sections] 17: eruantur oculi et abscidantur pedes vel testiculi vel manus ita quod truncus remaneat virus in signum prodicionsis et nequicie sue) whereby the criminal is to have his 'eyes gouged out and his feet cut off or his testicles or hands, so that the trunk remain alive as a sign of his treachery and villainy': translation from A.
The heart with bulbus cordis and truncus arteriosus was exposed by thoracotomy and a ligature was placed around the bulbus cordis.
Conditions were found to fall into two groups: those that were definitely included, such as trisomy 13 or truncus arteriosus, and those where there was some doubt, such as biliary atresia.
In L1B, a lingular vein drained into the proximal inferior PV, and these two combined to form a wide common truncus to the superior PV and opened into the left atrium (Figure 10).
Maternal diabetes and cardiovascular malformations: predominance of double outlet right ventricle and truncus arteriosus.
Two discrepant diagnoses included one pulmonary atresia that was interpreted as truncus arteriosus communis and one critical pulmonary stenosis diagnosed as pulmonary atresia.{Figure 4}