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n.1.As much as a trunk will hold; enough to fill a trunk.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I had brought a trunkful to the laundry, but found myself unable to read them.
I thought a trunkful of things had come from Paris last week."
The father, after all, had claimed to have earned a trunkful of medals for extraordinary valor in World War II.
Perhaps I'm just saying this to legitimize my trunkful of Claire Drafts, the descriptive name (not a title) for a unique compilation composed in a building that--#funfact--has won for itself internet notoriety for being the ugliest building in all of Iowa.
Ultimately, a cross-country move forced me to give up my VHS collection when, much to my dismay, there was no room for a trunkful of VHS tapes.
Two musical pals sharing a lifetime in music and a trunkful of reminiscences with acoustic guitar and keyboard to hand.
Unless they were carrying a trunkful of Snausages, these individuals' conduct played no role in the police's decision to search.
In fact, the Wild West in T&L is merely feral; it's a tamed domestic animal, like this driver and his trunkful of rabbits, gone out of its mind.
WASHINGTON -- Tens of thousands of new electric cars are zipping into traffic this year, and with them come a trunkful of strategies about how to recharge them.
I thought I would write a book about the insurgency, so brought a trunkful of documents.
Keogh is the newly-installed captain of Derby County after leaving the Ricoh Arena with a trunkful of awards from the fans and his fellow professionals while Cranie is currently between engagements after declining to accept a new contract.
She took a trunkful of canvases to Milwaukee and found galleries willing to hang some of them--and came home gloating at their stupidity.