Truss rod

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a rod which forms the tension member of a trussed beam, or a tie rod in a truss.

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In all the above cases, a simple adjustment of the truss rod will help get the desired neck relief, improving playability and sound immensely.
There's also a white korina truss rod cover and a white korina recessed back-plate," he said.
From evaluating all aspects of and choices in such a guitar to troubleshooting a guitar's setup and personalizing action, this edition also includes a new introduction to guitar wiring, a DVD with basics on setting up a guitar that plays in tune, and the author's favorite method for adjusting the truss rod on any guitar.
The Gibson Robot Guitar allows the guitar to be intonated in seconds after string changes, truss rod adjustments or change in weather conditions.
Drill a 3/8-inch hole 3/4 inch from one end of each dowel, then measure and mark the appropriate length on each truss rod for the upper hole.
A related development to both these can be that the neck also gets pulled up to such an extent that tightening the truss rod any further can only mean breaking it (read pocket-rending damage, or, time for a new guitar).
The wooden axle is sometimes reinforced by a steel truss rod or strap.
These weakened the front axle and as loads increased, they would run the truss rod under the axle and out through the skeins for support.
"At the time of its demise it was in a very poor condition with uneven floors and iron truss rods through the upper rooms that held the wattle and daub walls together."
"Truss rods support it, kind of like a support bridge."