Truss rod

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a rod which forms the tension member of a trussed beam, or a tie rod in a truss.

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There's also a white korina truss rod cover and a white korina recessed back-plate," he said.
From evaluating all aspects of and choices in such a guitar to troubleshooting a guitar's setup and personalizing action, this edition also includes a new introduction to guitar wiring, a DVD with basics on setting up a guitar that plays in tune, and the author's favorite method for adjusting the truss rod on any guitar.
The Gibson Robot Guitar allows the guitar to be intonated in seconds after string changes, truss rod adjustments or change in weather conditions.
The guitar could also use a truss rod adjustment since the neck is a bit crooked.
All of the usual plastic parts (back plate, pick guard, toggle cover, truss rod cover) have been replaced by woods from the States affected by the hurricanes, and the Music Rising logo -- exclusive to this guitar -- is etched into the pick guard.
The Fretlight bass is available in both right and left-hand models, and is finished with chrome hardware including a fixed bridge and a two-way truss rod.
For 50 years, Senninger has pioneered several irrigation products and concepts such as: the industry's first high-quality in-line pressure regulator in 1966; the Color-Coded Nozzle System for easy size identification in 1970; low-angle under-tree thermoplastic sprinkler in 1973; the industry's first low-angle pivot impact sprinkler-the Windfighter (TM) in 1974; Wobber Technology in 1978; Super Spray with interchangeable deflector pads in 1981; a four-mode LEPA Quad Spray in 1986; the integral weight concept in 1999; the double gooseneck and truss rod hose slings in 2002, as well as the UP3 Easy Clean Nozzle in 2008 and more.