n.1.One who tells the truth.
Truth-teller was our England's Alfred named.
- Tennyson.
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She wrote, "To a goddess, an icon, and a truth-teller.
There it is, so thats the truth-teller in this thing.
The manifesto was quickly embraced by some, particularly on the political right, branding him a brave truth-teller.
Thompson also notes that"Trump's appeal as a presidential candidate depends significantly on the belief that he is a truth-teller who will have nothing to do with the conventional language of politics," warning that:
It's not foreign policyjust look at the party of Reagan cozying up to the Russians and praising Julian Assange as a courageous truth-teller.
He begins his narrative as a truth-teller who provides a view of the conquest not dictated by the winning side.
You see, the great truth-teller George Carlin was her "sky god," and when he died, she set out to reorder her universe.
Instead, he has praised Trump as a straight-talking truth-teller raising awareness of the issue of illegal immigration.
Blanchard and Hodges also distinguished two ways for truth-teller type growth to take place.
To hold oneself out as a truth-teller can lead us to equate our opponents' arguments with lies.
You may consider yourself a truth-teller, but there are many who are not, and making a buck and gaining power is their aim at any cost.
While convincing his family that he is desperately seeking new and professional employment, he finds himself secretly building a business that surprises even himself - as a truth-teller in The Reflectionary.