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 (tro͞o-hē′ō, -yō)
A city of northwest Peru northwest of Lima. Founded in 1534, it was provisional capital of Peru in 1825 and is now a processing center.
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(Spanish truˈxijo)
(Placename) a city in NW Peru: founded 1535; university (1824); centre of a district producing rice and sugar cane. Pop: 686 000 (2005 est)


(Spanish truˈxijo)
(Biography) Rafael (Léonidas) (ˌrafaˈel), original name Rafael Léonidas Trujillo Molina. 1891–1961, Dominican dictator, who governed the Dominican Republic (1930–61) with the help of a powerful police force: assassinated
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(truˈhi oʊ)

1. Rafael Leonidas (Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina), 1891–1961, Dominican president 1930–38, 1942–52.
2. a seaport in NW Peru. 509,312.
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Empirical evidence shows that adaptability is related to positive adaptation outcomes at the work place, including job satisfaction (e.g., Park & Holloway, 2003; Templer, 2010), enhanced work performance (e.g., Karaevli & Hall, 2006; Paulsson, Ivergard, & Hunt, 2005), and reduced turnover intention (e.g., Wang, Zhan, Mccune, & Truxillo, 2011).
Cox has hired Kevin Monroe as market vice president for New Orleans; Sarah Olcott Allen as director of government affairs; James Moffett as manager of government affairs; and Sharon Truxillo as director of public affairs.
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In a recent review Rineer, Truxillo, Bodner, Hammer, and Kraner (2017) verified the relationships between organizational justice, and cardiovascular health, the study suggested that higher levels of both procedural justice and perceived organizational support were needed in order to reduce heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
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