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 (tso͞o-shē′mə, tso͞o′shē-mä′)
Two islands of southwest Japan in Korea Strait between Kyushu and southeast South Korea. They are separated from Kyushu by Tsushima Strait, the site of a major naval battle (May 1905) in the Russo-Japanese War in which the Russian fleet was largely destroyed.


(Placename) a group of five rocky islands between Japan and South Korea, in the Korea Strait: administratively part of Japan; scene of a naval defeat for the Russians (1905) during the Russo-Japanese war. Pop: 41 230 (2000). Area: 698 sq km (269 sq miles)


(ˈtsu ʃiˌmɑ)

two adjacent Japanese islands between Korea and Kyushu. 58,672; 271 sq. mi. (702 sq. km).
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Noun1.Tsushima - a naval battle in the Russo-Japanese War (1905)Tsushima - a naval battle in the Russo-Japanese War (1905); the Japanese fleet defeated the Russian fleet in the Korean Strait
Russo-Japanese War - Japanese victory in the war with Russia (1904-1905) gave Japan power over Korea and Manchuria
Korea Strait, Korean Strait - a strait between Korea and Japan; connects the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan
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Ships built at Elswick in Newcastle battled with ships built at Hebburn in the Battle of Tsushima in 1905, which was between Japan and which nation?
Deplorable is the Chinese state-run news outlets' reports that the Chinese military airplanes flew in formation over Japan's Tsushima Straits (the very life line connecting Korea and Japan), for the first time.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Chinese Air Force planes flew through the Tsushima Strait for the first time on Monday and carried out training in international airspace above the Sea of Japan, according to a statement from the military.
PTT Global Chemical has joined hands with Japanese companies Sanyo Chemical Industries (SCI) and Toyota Tsushima Corp (TTC) to establish a partnership producing polyol in the Eastern Economic Corridor.
Summary: Tokyo [Japan], July 16 (ANI): Two Chinese coastguard ships entered Japanese waters on Saturday and sailed for more than one hour near Okinoshima Island and Tsushima Island off the southwestern main island of Kyushu.
com/this-day-in-history/the-battle-of-tsushima-strait) Battle of Tsushima Strait , near Okinoshima, during the Russo-Japanese War.
glumae major source of inoculums to emerging panicles because its cells present on flag leaf sheaths and their infection primarily occurs at the heading stage/booting stage (Tsuchima and Naito, 1991; Tsushima, 1996; Yuan 2005).
If you don't get the jokeand these jokes don't work well in translationlet me explain: Aurora is the name of a Russian cruiser which in 1905 survived the Battle of Tsushima, was eventually returned to the Baltic Fleet, and in October 1917 allegedly fired a blank shot to start the assault on the Winter Palace.
There were 14 awardees in all including Danita Yeleussinov of Kazakhstan as Best Male Elite Boxer, China' Yu Jin Hua (Best Woman Elite Boxer), Hayato Tsushima of Japan (Best Youth Boxer), Asian Discovery of the Year Shakhram Giyasov of Uzbekistan, Kuok Veng Vong of Macau as Best Asian ITO and Kazakhstan as Best Asian National Federation for 2016.
0400 GMT), the season's 18th typhoon was moving in a northeast direction over the Sea of Japan at 160 km north of Tsushima islets chain at a speed of about 50 km per hour, according to the weather agency.
A modified version of the 21-year-old's design will be deployed off the coast of Tsushima, Japan, this year.
1904: The Russo-Japanese War broke out, provoked by Russian penetration into Manchuria and Korea: to almost universal surprise, the Japanese would be the winners, following a comprehensive naval victory at Tsushima in 1905.