Tsushima Strait

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Tsu′shima Strait′

a channel between the Tsushima islands and Kyushu island, connecting the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea: sometimes considered part of the Korea Strait.
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Deplorable is the Chinese state-run news outlets' reports that the Chinese military airplanes flew in formation over Japan's Tsushima Straits (the very life line connecting Korea and Japan), for the first time.
In the Battle of Tsushima Straits, Admiral Togo destroyed the Russian Fleet and brought Japan into new-found international prominence.
May 28th, 1905 The Russian fleet is smashed by the Japanese in the Tsushima Straits.
The Japan Coast Guard (JCG) and South Korea's National Maritime Police Agency conducted a joint counterterrorism drill Thursday in the Tsushima Straits between Japan and South Korea.
According to the agency, atmospheric air conditions are unstable over a wide area of eastern and western Japan due to the inflow of humid air into a seasonal rain front hovering over the Hokuriku region to the Tsushima Straits.
One factor in Roh's victory in the presidential election was Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's visit to North Korea, which fueled pro-North sentiments in South Korea and encouraged a leftward shift, argues Kyoto University Professor Terumasa Nakanishi in ''The Tsushima Straits May Take the Place of the Thirty-Eighth Parallel.