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 (tăk′ĭp-nē′ə, tăk′ĭ-nē′ə)
Rapid breathing.

[New Latin : tachy- + Greek pnoiē, breathing (from pnein, to breathe; see pneu- in Indo-European roots).]

tach′yp·ne′ic adj.
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tachypnea, tachypnoea

abnormally rapid breathing or respiration.
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n. taquipnea, respiración rápida excesiva.
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Then in 1987, a revamp of the publication saw the introduction of Travel & Tourism News (TTN) as a tabloid newspaper covering the entire Middle East.
This innovation will help TTN maintain its lead on the competition.
Under the new study, Dr Wang and his team will be examining the levels of TTN and HMGB1 in mice to map the different ways TTN and HMGB1 are interacting to increase or reduce the inflammation related to sepsis.
A joint initiative of the OPG and TTN, the station is located within the traditional territory of Taykwa Tagamou Nation and about 80 kilometres north of Smooth Rock Falls near the junction of New Post Creek and the Abitibi River.
Now, nasal CPAP has become an effective modality to treat respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) as well as apnea of prematurity, transient tachypnea of newborn (TTN) and neonatal pneumonia.
Based on the previous literature reports,[sup][5],[8],[50],[51] lung consolidation with air bronchograms without DLP was the primary ultrasonic feature of RDS, whereas DLP without lung consolidation was the most specific ultrasonic feature of TTN. Therefore, LUS can easily differentiate TTN from RDS.
Neonates developing respiratory distress immediately after birth and chest X-Ray showing one or more of following; hyperinflation, prominent perihilar marking and interlobar fissure oedema, were labelled as TTN. MAS was labelled when neonates had meconium staining of one or more of the following: Liquor, nails, umbilical cord and skin, with X-Ray chest showing emphysematous changes and bilateral patchy infiltrates with atelectasis.
TTN est une plateforme technologique developpee en Tunisie par des competences tunisiennes et se declinant en plusieurs liasses, de transport, de banque, de douanes etc.
(SFO) and Trenton, NJ (TTN) beginning June 13, 2014, and Portland, Ore.
Representatives of Bahrain travel and tourism sector, including Gulf Hotel, Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, Rami Hotel, Bahrain Airport Company, Golden Tulip Hotel, Alfarhat International Tourism and Travel Agency, Regency Intercontinental Hotel, Elite Hotels Group, the Bahrain International Circuit and TTN magazine, have participated in the WTM 2013 out of their keenness to showcase the domestic experience and to play role in attracting tourists and investment into the country.