a.1.In the form of a tube; tubular; tubiform.
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METAL tubing manufacturer Ferschl Tubeform Limited has entered into administration with the loss of 44 jobs.
As part of the Ferschl stable, which also includes Gateshead-based Ferschl Hose and Hydraulics and Middlesbrough-based Northern Hose and Hydraulics Cleveland Flexible Engineering, Ferschl Tubeform had been supported by the group.
Ferschl Tubeform was formed in 1987 as a supplier of metal tube and pipe-based components, products and sub-assemblies to the global heavy construction vehicle and materials handling industries.
From the Peterlee base, Ferschl Tubeform also manufactured a range of handrails using carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
Aplysina lacunosa is a mustard-yellow tubeform sponge.
The company has grown steadily through acquisition since 1971 and its divisions now include Ferschl Hose & Hydraulics, Ferschl Tubeform, Ferschl Flexible Engineering and Northern Hose & Hydraulics Customers include the automotive, nuclear and telecoms industries and it exports to Brazil, USA, South Africa and the Far East.
"Solving the problem of bond failures in swaged cylindrical tubeforms" is based on a paper given at the September, 1999 Rubber Division meeting.