Tubular girder

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a plate girder having two or more vertical webs with a space between them.

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He was the force behind the development of the modern locomotive and the railway system, and his invention of the tubular girder meant that great bridges - and ultimately skyscrapers - could be built.
1841 Draws up plans for a tubular girder bridge for the Menai Straits.
And his invention of the tubular girder meant great bridges such as the High Level over the Tyne, and ultimately skyscrapers, could be built.
With his father's friend William Fairbairn he evolved the wrought iron tubular girder which he used successfully in the Conway (1847-9) and Menai (1847-50) bridges on the Chester & Holyhead Railway and the Victoria Bridge (1854-9) over the St Lawrence at Montreal, then the world's longest bridge.