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n.1.(Zool.) The Mexican pocket gopher (Geomys Mexicanus). It resembles the common pocket gopher of the Western United States, but is larger. Called also tugan, and tuza.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Long-haul specialist Tucan Travel can advise on where to find the best blocos (street parties) and where to buy costumes and accessories for the big parade in the city's central Sambadrome Marques de Sapucai.
Next day my excitement was high with thoughts of visiting the indigenous Tucan tribe, located at a small clearing on golden sands on the edge of the jungle.
He can kiss all that goodwill goodbye after the row that's been brewing since Kuchar won the Mayakoba Classic in Mexico last November, employing local looper David "El Tucan" Ortiz for the week as regular caddie John Wood was unavailable.
Kuchar ended a four-year winless drought in November with local caddie David "El Tucan" Ortiz on the bag in place of his regular caddie John Wood.
Ortiz, know as El Tucan, said: "Matt is a good person and a great player.
Perdiz Kentsori Tinamus tao Perdiz gris Kentsori Ramphastos tucanos Tucan Yotoni Ara chloroptera Guacamayo azul y verde Kimari Ara militaris Guacamayo militar, Kimari guacamayo verde Mamiferos Cuniculus paca Majaz Samani Hydrochoerus Ronsoco Iveto hydrochaeris Tayassu pecari Sajino Shintori Tapirus terrestris Sachavaca, tapir Kemari Mazama americana Venado colorado Maniro Alouatta seniculus Mono aullador rojo Yaniri Ateles chamek Mono arana, maquisapa Osheto Ateles paniscus Mono arana negro, Osheto maquisapa Saguinus fuscicollis Mono pichico, mono leoncito Sapajus apella Mono capuchino Shito Lagothrix lagotricha Mono choro comun Komaginaro Saimiri boliviensis Mono ardilla Tsigeri Tabla 2.
Ruth Phillips, who heads the noncontentious side of the practice, advises Tucan Developments on contracts to develop and lease a hotel to be branded as a Premier Inn, and also advises Max Barney Developments on construction documentation regarding the creation of a mixed-use development in Shoreditch.
"I pulled inspiration from La Palma Y El Tucan, a finca I visited in Colombia," Fischer said.
They are Orono "OJ" Noguchi on vocals, musicians Mark "Emily" Turner on synth/keys, Timothy "Tucan" Shann on drums, Blair "Robert Strange" Everson on visuals, Christopher "Harry" Young on guitar and mononymous named members Ruby, B, and Seoul on backing vocals.