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n.1.(Zool.) The Mexican pocket gopher (Geomys Mexicanus). It resembles the common pocket gopher of the Western United States, but is larger. Called also tugan, and tuza.
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There is La Palma y El Tucan, not just a small washing station in northern Colombia with consistently award-winning offerings, but also a boutique hotel promoting coffee-lands tourism and barista exchanges.
But it's not just the political landscape that has changed in the US's capital region over the past 12 months - the area itself is undergoing April 7, halfboard fourstar Tucan, considerable transformation.
Estudio, prosificacion y notases un trabajo preciso muy necesario gracias a Victor Manuel Mendiola, poeta, ensayista y editor del Tucan de Virginia.
He's our 'making sense of the madness' guy," Emily says of Tucan.
UPDATE You Tucan go on tour In just eight months, Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympic Games and Tucan Travel have increased the number of group tours departing from the city during the extravaganza.
Instrumental rabble rousers Tucan bring their acclaimed live show to the Workman's Club tonight.
Uno de sus jefes, El Tucan, hasta hace poco azoraba Paracuaro y Antunez.
PROFEPA said Dragon Mart failed to conduct an environmental-impact study before proceeding to construct several roads through a wetlands area known as El Tucan without proper authorization.
Last August Ionut Tucan, 23, and Ionut Dimisca, 21, were imprisoned for a total of 18 years for the raid.
De las Especies de la Fauna Silvestre que fueron reportadas como mascotas, se registro una tendencia hacia el tucan (R.
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