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1. A town of central Mexico north of Mexico City. Impressive Toltec ruins have been discovered on the site.
2. A city of western Russia south of Moscow. First mentioned in 1146, it was an important fortress in the 1500s and became an armament-manufacturing center in 1712.


(Russian ˈtulə)
(Placename) an industrial city in W central Russia. Pop: 460 000 (2005 est)


(ˈtu lə)

1. a city in the W Russian Federation, S of Moscow. 540,000.
2. a city in SW Hidalgo, in central Mexico, NW of Mexico City: site of Toltec ruins. 36,460.
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Lanskoy informed the commander in chief that the army supplies were for the most part stored along the Oka in the Tula and Ryazan provinces, and that if they retreated on Nizhni the army would be separated from its supplies by the broad river Oka, which cannot be crossed early in winter.
We are grateful to the Governor of the Tula region Alexei Gennadievich Dumin for his love of history and attention to the objects of culture.
Each motif features a color guide and thread color suggestions selected by Tula herself to insure a gorgeous finished design.
This is why we developed our own Tula app that contains our lessons in a 'gamified' format that learners can take home and practice.
Baby Tula was founded in 2009 and makes premium baby carriers, toddler carriers, slings, blankets and wraps that comfortably and ergonomically support the bond between parent and child.
Baby Tula will become a wholly owned subsidiary of ERGObaby and continue to be led by co-founders Ula Tuszewicka and Mike Pham.
For the pacifist Tula, problems could be solved by talking to the plantation owner, and failing that, appeal directly to the governor.
The Sanskrit word for balance, TULA, a new skin care line using a patented probiotic technology, has launched its first selection of skin care products designed to bring a sense of balance to every woman's daily skin care routine.
Andrei Yartsev, chief spokesman of Tula police: "The results of the American side's investigation were passed to the Russian General Prosecutor's office so that the person can be charged with a criminal offense.
Castellucci tests the limits of that intergalactic diversity theme by presenting Tula with both a human and an alien lover who vie for her affections.
It has also sought the court's directives to the Centre and the Delhi government to ascertain reasons behind designing the single- lane "faulty flyover" at Rao Tula Ram Marg.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Turkish and Russian businessmen convened at the Tula Regional Investment Forum, in the city of Tula on Friday, according to the Cihan news agency.