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Tsuji S, Hosotani R, Yonehara S, Masui T, Tulachan SS, Nakajima S, et al.
NC candidate Romi Gauchan Thakali lost to CPN-UML candidate Prem Prasad Tulachan in Mustang-1 by just 363 votes.
Women: 1 M Nolan (Gates) 38:24; 2 M Ferrier (Gates) 40:18; 3 L Talman (Darl) 42:00; 4 N Devine (Donc) 42:17; 5 R Adamson (TyneBr) 43:10; 6 E Bisson (Elvet) 43:12; 7 L Matteson (TyneBr) 43:15; 8 G Wallace (Unatt) 43:16; 9 V Tulachan (Unatt) 43:18; 10 A Coulson (Unatt) 43:31.
The lodge stood about 100 yards from the shores of Loch Tulachan and in my capacity as master angler, a self–imposed title that made Blair and Jean snort, I strode off to the loch and returned 30 minutes later, smugly, with supper.
At the meeting, Bharat Raj Parajuli has also been hired as its first vice president and Bikal Tulachan as General Secretary of PHAP.
Gyanu Gauchan scored 21 points for Prime while Anisha Tulachan netted 11 for Golden Gate.
Anuradha Tulachan is currently a student of public policy at the Cornell Institute of Public Affairs, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.