Tulipa clusiana

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Noun1.Tulipa clusiana - Eurasian tulip with small flowers blotched at the baseTulipa clusiana - Eurasian tulip with small flowers blotched at the base
tulip - any of numerous perennial bulbous herbs having linear or broadly lanceolate leaves and usually a single showy flower
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They are two versions of the lady tulip, Tulipa clusiana, a dainty species with refined flowers and slender, glaucous foliage.
our tulips are in full swing the exception of two, which about to show their true They are two versions of tulip, Tulipa clusiana, a species with refined and slender, glaucous with pink and white is aptly named 'Peppermint Stick' and the other is a of pale yellow and pink called 'Cynthia'.
TULIPA CLUSIANA PEPPERMINT STICK This pint-sized tulip, which grows to just 25cm, produces dainty flowers in April with deep rosy-red outer petals just edged silvery white.
Among my personal favourites are Tulipa clusiana 'Lady Jane', a delicate, fine-boned tulip which grows to just 20cm.
Less common types start appearing in nurseries this month, including baboon flower (Babiana), corn lily (Ixia), grape hyacinth (Muscari), harlequin flower (Sparaxis), Homeria, ranunculus, Tritonia, and species tulips such as Tulipa clusiana and T.
Among the easiest are the lady tulip (Tulipa clusiana), which is white with a dark crimson eye, the magenta-pink T.