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(Biography) the former English name for (Marcus Tullius) Cicero


(ˈsɪs əˌroʊ)

1. Marcus Tullius, ( “Tully” ), 106–43 B.C., Roman statesman, orator, and writer.
2. a city in NE Illinois, near Chicago. 61,670.
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Noun1.Tully - a Roman statesman and orator remembered for his mastery of Latin prose (106-43 BC)Tully - a Roman statesman and orator remembered for his mastery of Latin prose (106-43 BC)
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You have touched upon a subject, senor canon," observed the curate here, "that has awakened an old enmity I have against the plays in vogue at the present day, quite as strong as that which I bear to the books of chivalry; for while the drama, according to Tully, should be the mirror of human life, the model of manners, and the image of the truth, those which are presented now-a-days are mirrors of nonsense, models of folly, and images of lewdness.
A second sort, is of those that have some natural dispositions which have better grace in youth, than in age; such as is a fluent and luxuriant speech; which becomes youth well, but not age: so Tully saith of Hortensius, Idem manebat, neque idem decebat.
The 50-year-old former Provo had previously pleaded guilty to the frenzied assault on Pauline Tully which lasted for two-and-a-half hours at her home at Kilderry, Kilnaleck, Co Cavan.
FOUR-TIME International Paralympic World Championship gold medallist Tully Kearney was named as Amateur Sportswoman of the Year.
Tully has joined the company as vice president, commercial lending officer.
Mayor Tony Falzarano inked the contract with Tully Construction to construct the road and bridge that will link Kennedy Drive to the future 62-acre regional technical park.
Junior Sportsperson of the | Year winner Tully Kearney ear winner Tully Kearney Y SPEEDY swimmer Tully Kearney has proved there's something in the Walsall water.
John Tully was arrested Monday evening following a seven-hour manhunt that kept a town on edge.
At the same time Stacey Tully was stealing thousands more from her surviving grandfather's account.
Now that "Big Brother Australia" ex-housemates Tully Smyth and Anthony Drew are over, Tully is reportedly back with Tahlia Farrant, the girlfriend she publicly cheated on while in the famous house.
A superb performance by Andrew Tully, riding against his parent club, was instrumental in the Diamonds' success and he twice defeated Great Britain World Cup rider Craig Cook on his way to 13 (paid 14) points.
Dale Tully, 19, of Fern Hey, Crosby, admitted five charges of fraud and sentenced to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.