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Noun1.Tulostoma - type genus of the TulostomaceaeTulostoma - type genus of the Tulostomaceae  
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
stalked puffball - mushroom of the genus Tulostoma that resembles a puffball
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[[double dagger], NR] Tulostoma berkeleyi Lloyd [[double dagger], NR] Tulostoma brumale Pers.
(2015) worked on macrofungi of Malakand district and reported a new species of Tulostoma ahmadii sp.
The most-represented genus was Tulostoma with eight species, including T.
Tulostoma was characteristic of mesquite scrub, supporting the idea that this genus is well adapted to desert conditions (Wright, 1987; Miller and Miller, 1998).
Nuevos datos sobre el genero Tulostoma (Gasteromycetes) en Espana.
Evaluation of specific characters in the genus Tulostoma Pers.
Tulostoma exasperatosporum, a new species with reticulate spores from South Africa.