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 (to͝ol′sēdäs′) 1532?-1623.
Hindu poet whose Ramcaritmanas is considered one of the greatest works of Hindi literature.
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Another friend, named Tulsidas Pawar said, "If the Government of India will continue to take up this matter strictly with Pakistan, then Kulbhushan Jadhav will return home soon.
It is also reported that on the advice of Tulsidas, another great poet of Bhakti movement, she left her marital home and became a wanderer to escape the imposed restrictions.
Phil on Sri Ram (Ram Katha), a Hindu God, because he wanted to highlight that the great values of Ram as expounded by Tulsidas had similarities in the values preached and lived by Jesus.
The event was a success at it was attended by a large number of music lovers."Gifted vocalist and composer Pooja Gaitonde was trained under Ustad Munawar Masoom, Ustad Rajkumar Rizvi, SCR Bhatt, Pandit Tulsidas Borkar and other eminent Hindustani musicians in India.
Sample in Hyderabad is collected from the designated pumping station of the city at Tulsidas Road of the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa).
The surveillance officer of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Health Department obtained water samples from the main Tulsidas Pumping Station in downtown Hyderabad and sent it to a laboratory in Islamabad, which confirmed the presence of poliovirus in the sample.
In 2018, Bahrain hosted several Indian weddings, including one in March for the Kavalani and Tulsidas families in Crowne Plaza and Al Areen Palace and Spa Hotel.
I analyze how the film's mythological reworking differs from the various versions of the Ramaya[??]a, be it Valmiki's classical interpretation, Kampan's Tamil composition, or the poet Tulsidas' (Tulsi's) medieval rendition called the Ramacaritamanasa.
He was visiting Wasa's Tulsidas sewerage Pumping Station and Eastern Sewerage Treatment Plant along with deputy commissioner Hyderabad Aslam Soomro.
My relationship with football goes back all the way to watching Chuni Goswami and Tulsidas Balaram in the dusty, sultry Kolkata stadiums in the early 1960's ("Cruyff must be smiling in his grave", Gulf News, June 25).