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Noun1.Turfan - a dialect of Tocharian
Tocharian - a branch of the Indo-European language family that originated in central Asia during the first millennium A.D.
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(74.) DH 1.117; Rong Xinjiang [phrase omitted] et al., comps., Xinhua Tulufan chutu wenxian [phrase omitted], 2 vols.
[bar.T] generally decreased from the south to the north of the region with higher temperatures located in the desert zone and the site with low elevation (Tulufan).
Biotype Q was not found in 3 collections from Langfang and Chengde (Hebei Province) and Tulufan (Xinjiang Province).
Kevin Downey's dealership called Well Arranged Molecules (www.wellarrangedmolecules.com) was offering red wulfenite in thumbnail, miniature and small cabinet-sizes from a locality he gave as "Tuokexun, Tulufan Prefecture, Xinjiang, Uygur Region, China"--almost certainly these specimens are from the remote mine in the Kuruktag Mountains of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, as described by Wilson and Origlieri in January-February 2007.
The Tulufan gamecock is found in Xinjiang, an area in northwest China and the Xishuangbanna gamecock is found in Yunnan, a south-western province.
On an intensely hot afternoon in late June 2005, I found myself arriving, via a long-distance bus, in Pichan (known as "Shanshan" by the Chinese), an oasis town in the vicinity of the Turpan (romanized as "Tulufan" in Pinyin or Turfan in English) Depression, some four hundred kilometers east of Urumchi.