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Noun1.Salsola - chiefly Old World herbs or shrubs: saltwortsSalsola - chiefly Old World herbs or shrubs: saltworts
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
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What else can we do to fill the tumble weed void until August but pick out projected teams, shapes and styles?
That moment you deliver what you think is the best piece of material you have and you see the tumble weed drift past the top table in front of you.
As I walked between the rows with senior engineer Shen Youguo, tumble weed and sand blew into us and the wind was bitter, but he's excited.
I'm a lot like Forest Gump or perhaps a tumble weed that keeps landing in interesting places during important times but over the years I have worked with dozens of unions and organizations that impact the lives of people.
There are cars thrown like tumble weed and the streets are strewn with debris," said Sebastian Rhodes Stampa, the head of a United Nations disaster assessment coordination team.
Tissues blew across the floor like tumble weed and there was a smell of menthol in the air.
The tumble weed would be blowing through our towns and cities.