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a river in E Asia, flowing NE along the China–North Korea border and then SE along the border between China and Russia to the Sea of Japan. ab. 325 mi. (525 km) long.
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I used to discount the problems of the Ilkhans with the Golden Horde, since the latter used only small forces - 30,000 or so cavalry - against the fifteen or more tumens in the Middle East.
In 1259, the first Mongol invasion of Syria had employed six tumens of the fifteen-odd making up the main Mongol force in the Middle East; this meant a nominal 60,000 men and actually (in accordance with the Mongols' rule of thumb of seven in ten for troop-readiness) perhaps only 40,000.
In 1299 Ghazan Khan was able to call up 65,000 men: five thousand each from thirteen tumens (a similar partial mobilization was perhaps used also for the 1281 campaign, to the confusion of the sources as to the size of the Mongol force), insuring that each contingent would be at full (rather than seventy percent) strength, and that some troops would remain to protect each tumen's home territory.