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n. pl. bor·bo·ryg·mi (-mī′)
A rumbling noise produced by the movement of gas through the intestines.

[New Latin, from Greek borborugmos, of imitative origin.]
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n, pl -mi (-maɪ)
(Physiology) rumbling of the stomach
[C18: from Greek]
ˌborboˈrygmal, ˌborboˈrygmic adj
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(ˌbɔr bəˈrɪg məs)

n., pl. -mi (-mī).
intestinal rumbling caused by the movement of gas.
[1710–20; < New Latin < Greek borborygmós]
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Gurgles from your stomach and bad smelling flatulence, you can feel your tummy rumbling.
XXXXXX xxxxxx Xxxx Our two-hour drive from central Scotland had my tummy rumbling but before we got down to some serious eating, we had arranged to go roaming with a Roman.
Her friend Kyla Whittaker, 18, of Stockton, said: "It was pretty tough and I could feel my tummy rumbling by the end, but it was worth it knowing that it was for such a good cause."
the smell wafting from the oven of that fruit and brandy bubbling away will have your tummy rumbling and have you sensing the season is upon us.
Aromas from stalls selling freshly- made ocean delicacies will set your tummy rumbling. Yarada beach, also in Visakhapatnam, can be your picnic spot.
It's just a bit funny when you put your stethoscope to his chest to his breathing - you also hear his tummy rumbling.
It is an early start (6.30am) so don't get a chance to eat before we go, tummy rumbling. The first person I bump into is Michelin-starred chef Andrew Fairlie from Gleneagles Hotel.
Very common - most people with lactose intolerance suffer from: abdominal pain, gut distension, gas, tummy rumbling.
TUMMY rumbling? Instead of grabbing a fattening doughnut, have a tuna sandwich that's not only healthier, but more filling.