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 (to͝ong-go͞oz′, tŭn-)
n. pl. Tungus or Tun·gus·es
See Evenki.

[Russian, from East Turkic tunguz, wild pig, boar, from Old Turkic tonguz.]


npl -guses or -gus
1. (Peoples) a member of a formerly nomadic Mongoloid people of E Siberia
2. (Languages) Also called: Evenki the language of this people, belonging to the Tungusic branch of the Altaic family



n., pl. -gus•es, (esp. collectively) -gus.
1. Evenki.
2. a member of any Tungusic-speaking people.
[1620–30; « Russian tungús, probably < Tatar]
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Noun1.Tungus - a member of the Tungus speaking people of Mongolian race who are a nomadic people widely spread over eastern SiberiaTungus - a member of the Tungus speaking people of Mongolian race who are a nomadic people widely spread over eastern Siberia; related to the Manchu
Tungusic - any member of a people speaking a language in the Tungusic family
2.Tungus - the Tungusic language of the Evenki in eastern SiberiaTungus - the Tungusic language of the Evenki in eastern Siberia
Tungusic language, Tungusic - a family of Altaic languages spoken in Mongolia and neighboring areas
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The Evenki, also known as the Tungus, are a group of 30,000 or so traditional reindeer herders and pastoralists who live scattered across Siberia.
At the very start of II mondo magico the reader is confronted with a two-page quotation from a book that has remained a classic reference on shamanism until the present time: Sergei Shirokogoroff's The Psychomental Complex of the Tungus, published in London in 1935.
The Tsolbon-like cosmonyms are also widespread in Mongolian and Northern Tungus languages.
The photo band includes workers from Moscow, Tataria, Dagestan, Kalymykia, the Tungus river district, and two from Uzbekistan.
For instance, visiting the White City, Lindsay Noseworth and Miles Blundell see an alleged "SPECIAL REINDEER SHOW" put on by native Tungus herders but advertised by dancing "young women in quite revealing costumes," obviously not Tungus, who speak English and caress a reindeer "with scandalous intimacy" as a come-on to passersby.
discuss Ordovician graptolites from the basal part of the Palaeozoic transgressive sequence in the Karadere section, Istanbul-Zonguldak Terrane, NW Turkey, Raevskaya and Dronov provide new data on acritarchs from the Upper Ordovician of the Tungus basin, Siberian Platform, while Thomka et al.
Bajo los Qitan, sus sujetos jurchen [pueblo tungus originario de Siberia oriental] proveian, como parte del tributo a la corte de Liao [dinastia mongol que reino en China de 907 a 1125], expertos que imitaban el bramido del venado con un cuerno".
In parallel with the Ural-Altaic hypothesis, which was first developed in Europe and was used to connect the Turks, the Mongols and the Tungus together in the respect of race, ethnicity, languages and religion, (40) Suematsu Kencho, a Japanese student at Cambridge University, wrote in his Bachelor of Arts thesis, entitled "The Identity of the Great Conqueror Genghis Khan with the Japanese Hero Yoshitsune: An Historical Thesis" (1879), that the 13th-century Japanese warrior Minamoto Yoshitsune sailed to Mongolia and became known as Chinggis Khan.
Alexander Pushkin in his 1836 poem Exegi Monumentum called the Evenki the 'wild Tungus,' and were classified as a 'wandering' tribe in the Speransky administrative reforms of 1822.
The Tungus event, or, the great Siberian meteorite.
The Mohe are sometimes known as Maigai or Mogher in English; in the first millenium CE, they lived in Manchuria; they spoke a Tungus language.
522, 527 (1960) (asking whether the interpretation is "clearly erroneous"); The Tungus v.