Tunisian dinar

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Noun1.Tunisian dinar - the basic unit of money in TunisiaTunisian dinar - the basic unit of money in Tunisia  
Tunisian monetary unit - monetary unit in Tunisia
Tunisian dirham, dirham - 100 dirhams equal 1 dinar in Tunisia
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London: The EBRD supported the new modelling of a sovereign benchmark yield curve in Tunisia, a building block for developing capital markets in Tunisian dinar.
The Tunisian dinar depreciated by 11% year-on-year.
Abdul Muhsen Al-Hokair, a Saudi investor and honorary president of the Al Hokair Group for Development and Entertainment, said he has been investing in Tunisia for decades, "but the Tunisian dinar continues to pose a problem.
Taking into account, the unofficial exchange rate between the pound and the Tunisian dinar, (the Tunisian currency is restricted), a second class return cost PS6.
Summary: The Tunisian dinar continues its depreciation at a big speed against the euro.
Tunis, Safar 28, 1435, Dec 31, 2013, SPA -- Tunisia and Qatar signed here today an agreement to establish a traditional industries village in the Tunisian city of Tuzer, south west the capital Tunis, at a cost of Tunisian Dinar 2,250 million, equivalent to nearly $1.
She said that in the past she was paying in Tunisian dinar.
Taking into account, the unofficial exchange rate between the pound, and the Tunisian dinar, ( the Tunisian currency is restricted), a second class return cost pounds 6.
Eleven suspects were arrested and detained during a raid on premises belonging to them and amounts of money in Tunisian dinar and foreign currencies (Libyan dinar and euro), jewellery, 4 unauthorised shot guns and two cars with false registration plates worth 3 million Tunisian dinar, were seized during a the security intervention, according to the same press release.
TUNIS, Jan 4 (KUNA) -- Tunisian Minister of Development and Planning Jameleddine Gharbi said here on Friday a fresh investment fund would be established in Tunisia soon, with the government contributing 300 million Tunisian dinar, or 15 percent.
Tunisia, 29 Aug: The total volume of Tunisia reserves of foreign exchange has rose during past six months, while the Tunisian dinar dropped against euro and remained stable against dollar.
Summary: The Tunisian dinar, which has declined continuously since 2011, continues to crumble against the European and US currencies.