Tunisian dinar

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Noun1.Tunisian dinar - the basic unit of money in TunisiaTunisian dinar - the basic unit of money in Tunisia  
Tunisian monetary unit - monetary unit in Tunisia
Tunisian dirham, dirham - 100 dirhams equal 1 dinar in Tunisia
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In contrast to the last two years, this growth is not due (largely) to the depreciation of the Tunisian dinar, since the exchange rate of the Tunisian dinar shows a clear improvement against the main foreign currencies namely the dollar and the euro since the beginning of the current year.
The Tunisian dinar's exchange rate also improved against the euro (e1/41=3.237TD) and the dollar ($1=2.875TD).
The drop is due to the decrease in the value of the Tunisian dinar against the euro and U.S.
London: The EBRD supported the new modelling of a sovereign benchmark yield curve in Tunisia, a building block for developing capital markets in Tunisian dinar.
Abdul Muhsen Al-Hokair, a Saudi investor and honorary president of the Al Hokair Group for Development and Entertainment, said he has been investing in Tunisia for decades, "but the Tunisian dinar continues to pose a problem.
The official admitted his country's economic situation is very hard at present, and added losses pertaining to disturbances in the phosphate industry which a key income source for the state over the last three years came to 3 billion Tunisian dinar. One Tunisian Dinar equals USD 0.62.
Taking into account, the unofficial exchange rate between the pound and the Tunisian dinar, (the Tunisian currency is restricted), a second class return cost PS6.86!
Minister of Trade Omar Behi said the budget deficit will be reduced in this year to the rate of 3.9%, while inflation will be contained within the limits of 6% and the Tunisian dinar exchange rate will be less than 3.2 euros.
This rise is due, the minister pointed out, to the increase of the Saudi Riyal's exchange rate against the Tunisian dinar and the increase of land transport costs (70%) and accommodation costs.
Tunis, Safar 28, 1435, Dec 31, 2013, SPA -- Tunisia and Qatar signed here today an agreement to establish a traditional industries village in the Tunisian city of Tuzer, south west the capital Tunis, at a cost of Tunisian Dinar 2,250 million, equivalent to nearly $1.4 million.
She said that in the past she was paying in Tunisian dinar.
| TUNIS, Jan 4 (KUNA) -- Tunisian Minister of Development and Planning Jameleddine Gharbi said here on Friday a fresh investment fund would be established in Tunisia soon, with the government contributing 300 million Tunisian dinar, or 15 percent.