Tunnel head

(Metal.) the top of a smelting furnace where the materials are put in.

See also: Tunnel

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On each side of the Menai, tunnel head houses, roughly the size of a three storey building, will help ventilate the tunnel and stop the cables from overheating.
My older sister once got stuck in a tunnel head down.
The tunnel head pilots the course of the drive and excavates with a cutting bit equipped with carbide drag teeth and disc cutters.
Length: 12 870 m, Uniform slope to france of 0.54%, Total width: 10.97 m (pavement width 9 m), Special structures (2 ventilation plants at each tunnel head, 2 underground ventilation plants, 20 stations 1 technical station per well, 101 emergency niche, 18 then 34 branches, 4 then 9 by-pass).
Tenders are invited for Engineering Procurement and Construction EPC Contract Package II for execution of Civil works relating to Head Race Tunnel Head Race Surge Shaft Pressure shafts other connected Civil works and Hydro Mechanical works on the upstream side of Power House etc for Kundah Pumped Storage Hydro Electric Project Phase I 1 125MW in Nilgiris District Tamil Nadu.
haed sluice at tunnel head,about 3.00km long approach channel and about 840 mtr long feeder channel *common carrier*from tunnel exit upto distribution chamber with necessary Falls to negotiate the discharge safely upto R.L.
However, the deer was unharmed and eventually left the station on its own through a tunnel headed toward the Reagan National Airport, according to Metro spokesperson Dan Stessel.
Shallow enough to jump down into, it was an auxiliary entry point for a tunnel headed in the direction of Lambourn village square, half a furlong to the south.
Also look for emergency exits marked in green; arrows indicate the nearest exit, which may be one of the tunnel heads.
The file includes : supports viaducts gaves Ossau and Aspe, the foundations of the tunnel heads, the current section, including the right of the eight works of art prvus.Les current conditions execution market include environmental nature of the elements.
The file includes: the support of viaducts ossau gaves and Aspe, the foundations of the tunnel heads, the current section, including the right of the eight current structures provided.
N134 - deviation of Oloron-Sainte-MarieMarket good soil reconnaissance work control foundation of roads and bridges and related structures including: support viaducts Gaves of Ossau and Aspe, foundations of Serre tunnel heads Soeix, the current section, including the right of the 8 standard bridges planned.