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 (to͞o-pē′) or Tu·pi (to͞o′pē, to͞o-pē′)
n. pl. Tupí or Tu·pís also Tupi or Tu·pis
1. A member of any of a group of South American Indian peoples living along the coast of Brazil, in the Amazon River valley, and in Paraguay.
2. The Tupian language of the Tupí.
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npl -pis or -pi
1. (Peoples) a member of a South American Indian people of Brazil and Paraguay
2. (Languages) the language of this people, belonging to the Tupi-Guarani family
Tuˈpian adj
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or Tu•pí

(tuˈpi, ˈtu pi)

n., pl. -pis, (esp. collectively) -pi.
1. a member of any of various groupings of American Indian peoples that inhabit or formerly inhabited parts of Brazil S of the Amazon River.
2. the family of closely related languages spoken by these peoples.
3. Tupian.
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Noun1.Tupi - a member of the South American Indian people living in Brazil and ParaguayTupi - a member of the South American Indian people living in Brazil and Paraguay
South American Indian - a member of a native Indian group in South America
2.Tupi - the language spoken by the Tupi of Brazil and ParaguayTupi - the language spoken by the Tupi of Brazil and Paraguay
Tupi-Guarani, Tupi-Guarani language - a family of South American Indian languages
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"It is a historic moment, a new era," President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said at an onshore ceremony commemorating the first oil from the Tupi field, after bad weather diverted his plans to visit the platform 300 kilometers (190 miles) offshore.
If the estimate is accurate, this new find will rival the nearby Tupi oil field as the largest discovery on this side of the planet since Mexico's Cantarell field was discovered in 1976.
The contract covers a first set of nine subsea trees, control systems and related equipment for the Tupi field development offshore Brazil.
Yesterday the Galp board of directors also approved a development plan for the famous Tupi camp, in the BM-S-11 bloc in the Santos Basin, Brazil.
The field could yield 33 billion barrels in reserves, five times the recent Tupi discovery.
The conference has been designed to give a full economic picture of investing in Brazilian securities and will feature presentations from senior global executives from publicly held companies including Petrobas global head of investor relations, Ted Helms, who will give his insights about the company's discovery of between 5bn and 8bn barrels of light oil and gas at its Tupi field, making it the largest oil find in the world since 2000.
Known as Carioca, this could contain 33 bn barrels of oil equivalent, five times the recent Tupi find.
Petrobras studies of the offshore Tupi field and a new discovery nearby showed enough oil to increase national oil reserves by more than half and appeared to show enough petroleum to make Brazil one of the top 10 oil producers in the world, the company announced.
Lula has been emboldned by the recent discovery of the Tupi field, an offshore oil super-giant which can produce up to 1m b/d from ultra-deep Fms in Brazil's Santos Basin.
The government-run oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA, or Petrobras, said the new "ultra-deep" Tupi field could hold as much as eight billion barrels of recoverable light crude, sending Petrobras shares soaring and prompting predictions that Brazil could join the world's "top 10" oil producers.