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 (to͞o′pəl, tŭp′əl)
A generalization of ordered pairs, such as (-3, 4), and ordered triples, such as (0, -3, 5), in any dimension. An n-tuple is an ordered list of n numbers and can represent a point in n-dimensional space.

[From -tuple, as in quintuple or sextuple.]
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(ˈtjʊpəl; ˈtʌpəl)
(Computer Science) computing a row of values in a relational database
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Helton and colleagues discuss dilation, up to a scale factor, of a tuple X of d x d symmetric matrices in a free spectrahedron DL to tuples T of commuting self-adjoint operators with joint spectrum in the corresponding spectrahedron LL.
To respond to these queries, the Challenger C make a list of tuples < [ID.sub.i], Q.sub.i], [b.sub.i], coini >, called the [H.sub.1.sup.LIST] Until the adversary A makes queries to the oracle, [H.sub.1.sup.LIST] is initially empty.
To take such a decision, it reads the tuples representing the classifications made by the Updater and Status agents, and implements the behaviour summarized by Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3 reported in Section 4.
(1) Inputs n tuples ([ID.sub.i], [m.sub.i], [PK.sub.i], [[sigma].sub.i]) where 1 [less than or equal to] I [less than or equal to] n
An example of translation of Datalog to C++ based on a method that "pushes" derived tuples immediately to places where they are used was provided by [Brass, 2017].
The methodology modifies the tuples of the original database which contains the values related to both sensitive and non-sensitive classification rules and then makes use of the tuples related to the non-sensitive rules to create its transformed database.
Following the example of the temperature given above in order to describe the PDF, we can consider the input images as being two sets of random tuples. We say tuples and not variables, because these tuples are the representation of each pixel of the image which we will consider, for transparent use, to be N-dimensional.
The tuples of the temporal relations are time stamped with the defined time dimension.
A secure Message Authentication Code (MAC) is utilized by their work to select some tuples and attributes on the selected tuples to embed the watermark bits.
Let D consist of data tuples defined by a set of attributes and a class-label attribute.
considered the question, what is the appropriate formulation of Godefroy-Shapiro criterion for tuples of operators?