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(Russian tuˈpəljif)
(Biography) Andrei Nikolaievich (unˈdrjeɪ njɪkəˈlɑjɪvjɪtʃ). 1888–1972, Soviet aircraft designer, who designed the first supersonic passenger aircraft, the TU-144 (tested 1969). He also designed supersonic bombers and the TU-104, one of the first passenger jet aircraft (1955)


(tuˈpoʊ ləf, ˈtu pə ləf)

Andrei Nikolayevich, 1888–1972, Russian engineer and aircraft designer.
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Also, Iran Air Tours, another Iranian airline company using Tupolev planes, announced in October, 2010 that it had replaced its Tupolev planes with two Boeing passenger planes in line with the country's plan for replacing the Russian plane with safer airliners.
Japan also put its air force on alert Saturday when two Russian Tupolev Tu-142 reconnaissance planes flew near the archipelago.
It isn't clear what impact the removal of the Tupolev will have on scheduled flights.
Nakhjavani earlier criticized the Russian Tupolev manufacturer for refusing to respond to the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization's request in connection with recent Tu-154 accidents.
Investigators examine the wreckage of a Tupolev Tu-154 jet belonging to Dagestan Airlines after a crash killed two at Moscow Domodedovo airport yesterday
A Tupolev passenger plane with more than 170 people on board crashed on takeoff Saturday at Moscow's Domodedovo airport, with at least two passengers killed, the Civil Defence Ministry said.
Tupolev Russian certification authorities have approved the latest variant of the Tupolev Tu-204, an executive version of the twin-jet.
There have been 66 crashes involving the same model of Tupolev and the Russian airline Aeroflot has withdrawn it.
Chris Yates, an aviation expert, told Al Jazeera the the Tupolev Tu-154 is capable of operating in extreme weather conditions and able to land on unpaved airstrips.
THE Saturday Social Club shindig at Uncle Albert's in Middlesbrough features a free gig by THE TUPOLEV GHOST and HOLY STATE tomorrow.
The airline also plans to drop almost all its Russian-made aircraft, including 26 Tupolev 154 jets, which are mostly used on routes within Russia and to non-European destinations.