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 (to͝o-rā′nē-ən, -rä′-, tyo͝o-)
Of or relating to the Ural-Altaic languages or to the peoples who speak them.
2. A member of any of the peoples who speak languages of the Ural-Altaic group.

[From Persian Tūrān, Turkistan.]


1. (Peoples) a member of any of the peoples inhabiting ancient Turkestan, or their descendants
2. (Languages) another name for Ural-Altaic
3. (Peoples) of or relating to the Ural-Altaic languages or any of the peoples who speak them
4. (Peoples) of or relating to Turkestan or its people
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Persia's famous poet Firdousi has mentioned this area, in Shahnama, as the battleground between the Iranian and Turanian Kings.
Pine species are one of the most common medicinal plants in the Mediterranean and Irano- Turanian regions.
The Utrillas Formation is conformably overlaid by the Picofrentes Formation; the common presence of Ammonites in the marls of this unit indicates an Early Turanian age for this unit (Garcia-Hidalgo etal, 2007).
The Polynesian and Papuan languages appear to be of Aryan origin, with Semitic and Turanian elements.
Then the accursed Frasiyak, the Turanian, made seats for each of the demons, and an idol-temple (uzdeszar) and a basn.
Pakistan and Azerbaijan share historically long traditions of cultural and ethnic affiliation which also dates back when both nations were part of the Persian Empire especially, because of deep Turanian and Persian influences in the two countries.
Growing regions (cerotype): 51 0/0 percent of the known species in the area West of Islamabad, the area belongs to Iran - Turanian.
Kazakhstan National Geographic Society is implementing a project on reproduction of Turanian tigers in Kazakhstan, chairman of the board of the Kazakh NatGeo Society Kanat Baigarin told a CCS press conference.
Ryan's tantalizing and too short "Turin, Turanian and Ural-Altaic Philology" suggests that Tolkien's construction of the names 'Turin' and 'Turambar' (first attested in the early c.
Mosasauridae), a primitive mosasaur from the Turanian (Upper Cretaceous) of Colombia.
MULLER, Friedrich Max 1854 Letter to Chevalier Bunsen on the classification of the Turanian languages.
Kurds, as an essential component of the great Syrian people, will defend Syria's northern side, turning these areas into a graveyard for the Turanian Turkish armyC* we will teach the neo-Slejuk-Turanian Erdogan and his criminal gangs and fascist army -- which have been carrying out genocide and massacres against more than 25 million Kurds --A' a lesson they will never forget, and we will make the ground shake beneath his invading hordes before they sully a single grain of Syria's sacred soil," the statement concluded.