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n.1.A turban.
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2) Supplying and erecting T8 fluorescent tube triphosper / turband phosper 36W
He opens the poem by setting the scene at Lepanto "betwixt the baptiz'd race, / And circumcised Turband Turkes" (202).
12) By force of his regal position and skill as a writer, James helps establish an understanding of the Battle of Lepanto in stark terms that demonize the Turkish forces: "baptiz'd" believers versus the "circumcised Turband Turkes.
Othello seems to recall the opening of James's Lepanto in which the king contrasts the "baptiz'd race, / And circumcised Turband Turkes.
The textual spur for his inquiry is the hero's final speech in Othello in which a suicide is figured as the resolution of a conflict "in Aleppo once" between "a Malignant and a Turband Turke" and "Venetian.
56) As part of the new entente with Spain, James also broke off Elizabeth's commercial treaty with the Sublime Porte as the new king entered into an Anglo-Spanish alliance against the common Ottoman enemy, designated in his poem Lepanto (1585) as the "circumsised Turband Turkes.