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The Mi-8 AMTSh is a combat transport version of the Mi-17 helicopter, with more powerful turboshafts and portside tail rotor.
The Lakota is powered by two 738-horsepower Turbomeca Arriel turboshafts, carries eight soldiers in addition to its crew of two, has an empty weight of 1795 kg for a similar payload capacity and, quite importantly, has an operational ceiling of some 18,000 feet.
All turbine engine variants are discussed, including turbojets, turbofans, turboprops, turboshafts, auxiliary power units, and ramjets.
This would have two 1165-kW Rolls-Royce/Honeywell T800 turboshafts, a gross weight of 4265 kg, a 1360-kg payload and a cruise speed of 370 km/h at 20,000 ft.