Turing machine

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Turing machine

A hypothetical computing device capable of storing information and responding to computational questions, used in mathematical studies of computability.

[After Alan Mathison Turingwho conceived such a machine.]

Turing machine

(Computer Science) a hypothetical universal computing machine able to modify its original instructions by reading, erasing, or writing a new symbol on a moving tape of fixed length that acts as its program. The concept was instrumental in the early development of computer systems

Tu′ring machine`

(ˈtʊər ɪŋ, ˈtyʊər-)

a hypothetical computing device used in mathematical studies of the computability of numbers and in theories of automata.
[after Alan M. Turing (1912–54), English mathematician, who described such a machine in 1936]
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Noun1.Turing machine - a hypothetical computer with an infinitely long memory tapeTuring machine - a hypothetical computer with an infinitely long memory tape
Turingův stroj
Turingov stroj
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So as to stay away from this issue Blind Turing Machine is presented in this paper.
Let ATM be a language such that ATM = {<M, w> | where M is a Turing machine that accepts string w}.
Both played the legendary mathematical genius Alan Turing, who invented the Turing Machine which broke the German's Enigma code.
We first observe that for any Turing machine [tau] we have that d([tau]) [greater than or equal to] l.
In order to address them, a reversible two-counter machine is simulated by a reversible Turing machine on the right side of its tape.
BC-d) Given a Turing machine T and a partial configuration (q, 0, c) (or (q, [absolute value of c] - 1, c) for d = 1), decide whether the configuration is blocking in direction d.
That was followed by the arrival of 53 kilobytes of high-speed random-access memory in 1953, and Von Neumann's Universal Turing Machine (i.
His 1936 paper described what would later become known as the Turing Machine, or a-machine as he called it.
Dubai Google honoured renowned computer scientist and mathematician Dr Alan Turing's 100th birthday on Saturday with a Turing Machine as a Google doodle.
Google has come out with a functioning interactive Turing machine which allows users to break five digit binary codes six times.
The input of the Turing machine is a long tape containing a series of symbols and letters, which is reminiscent of a DNA string.
Fibonacci numbers and the Turing machine are among the numerical terms and concepts.