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 (tər-kăn′ə, to͝or-kä′nə), Lake also Lake Ru·dolf (ro͞o′dŏlf′)
A lake of northwest Kenya in the Great Rift Valley bordering on Ethiopia.


(Placename) Lake Turkana a long narrow lake in E Africa, in the Great Rift Valley. Area: 7104 sq km (2743 sq miles). Former name: Lake Rudolf


(tʊərˈkɑ nə)

Lake. Formerly, Lake Rudolf. a lake in E Africa, in N Kenya. 3500 sq. mi. (9100 sq. km).
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By NEVILLE OTUKIAs British oil explorer Tullow sets up equipment in Turkana oilfields to separate crude oil from impurities ahead of early export, the government has opened a national debate on how the newfound petrodollars should be shared.
In the hot and dusty county of Turkana in northwestern Kenya lies the sprawling Kakuma refugee camp.
The High court on Tuesday validated the declaration of Josphat Nanok as the winner of the Turkana governor election in August last year.
The only feature in the landscape around Lake Turkana is these volcanic rocks After an impressive sunset over the legendary Lake Turkana, my two-month journey across Kenya came to an end.
The citizen science website is seeking volunteers to look for fossils and stone tools and to classify rocks captured in aerial photos of Kenya's Lake Turkana Basin.
The violence started in northern Kenya's Turkana and East Pokot districts, and clashes have also been reported in the nearby districts of Marsabit, Samburu and Baringo.
November 1, 2014 (NAIROBI) -- At least 20 more people have been killed in a renewed fighting over the weekend between various communities in Kakuma refugee camp in western part of Kenya of Turkana district, sources said.
I was informed that there was unrest after employees contracted by Tullow expressed their grievances," Josphat Nanok, the governor for Turkana County where most of Tullow's drilling sites are located, told Reuters.
Turkana, Kenya's remote northern region, contains over a billion barrels of oil, according to Tullow Oil, which has already drilled seven successful wells.
Frankfurt: The largest wind park in sub-Saharan Africa will be built at Lake Turkana in the northwest of Kenya.
It was discovered at the 'Kaitio' site in West Turkana, Kenya," Carol Ward, professor of pathology and anatomical sciences at MU, said.
The Board of the African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved the Lake Turkana Transmission Line Delay Partial Risk Guarantee for 20 million euros, the first in the series of the African Development FundaACAOs Partial Risk Guarantees (ADF PRG).