Turkey beard

(Bot.) a name of certain American perennial liliaceous herbs of the genus Xerophyllum. They have a dense tuft of hard, narrowly linear radical leaves, and a long raceme of small whitish flowers. Also called turkey's beard.

See also: Turkey

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Early roaches were made of graduated lengths of porcupine guard hair or turkey beard and decorated with an outer row of deer tail hair that was typically white or dyed red.
Really, the reason should be as obvious as an 11-inch turkey beard. Telltale movements likely have saved the lives of more sharp-eyed turkeys than any other single factor.
They enjoy the meat, yet they keep and display the turkey beards, deer antlers, bear hides, etc.
I was easily able to judge deer antlers and turkey beards from long range, and even used them to locate arrows after shots.
New on the program this year is a contest in which prizes will be awarded for the longest and shortest turkey beards and spurs brought to the event in both adult and junior hunter categories.
The state does keep harvest information of interest to hunters such as weights, number of antler points, and length of turkey beards and spurs.
Antlers and turkey beards look very different to the naked eye than they do through binoculars especially when the light is just arriving or quickly fading.