Turkey hen

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(Zool.) a female turkey.

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Another loanword in Modern Irish is turcai (turkey) but before this was borrowed from English, this bird was known as cearc fhrancach (turkey hen) or coilech francach (turkey cock).
The mouth-watering hamper feeds up to 10 people, and includes a fresh turkey hen, hand-rolled pigs in blankets, pork, sage and onion stuffing balls, streaky bacon, turkey gravy, juicy free-range heritage steaks and lots more.
PERFECT XMAS GIFTS for your home Turkey Hamper, PS49 This Luxury Premium Large Turkey Hamper includes fresh turkey hen, unsmoked streaky bacon, chipolata sausages, pork sausage meat, pigs in blankets, sage and onion stuffing balls, luxury turkey gravy plus carrots, roasting potatoes, red cabbage and Brussels sprouts.
coli isolate RL465 was detected in a turkey hen meat sample from 2013 and harbored blaCTX-M-15 and mcr-1, a gene combination hitherto identified only in travelers from the Netherlands and children from China (4).
Effect of salts on the food properties of Turkey hen (Melagris gallopavo L.) muscle flour.
Last year, our wee mixed-breed turkey hen, Agnes, reared two Standard Bronze toms in Champion Mother style (were there an award for such a feat, Agnes would surely win it).
As nine o'clock approached, I caught a turkey hen out of the corner of my eye.
But no bird has ever left me as uncomfortable as the turkey hen and babies that made it a habit to forage for food outside Major Edwards last year.
They arrive from the hatchery as day-old poults, all crammed into compartments in a cardboard box and, because they are covered in downy feathers, they need to be kept under a heat lamp to simulate the warmth that a protective turkey hen would generate.
This precise system, consisting of raised ribs of specific length, height and width, borrowed from the company's Hammer Series friction calls, softens the highest highs and lowest lows and creates a more nasal tone, just like a real live turkey hen. The Hammerhead sounds as good wet as it does dry: $50, (479) 782-8971; knightandhale.com
Like most ground-nesting birds, a turkey hen does not start incubating (sitting on the eggs, warming them to hatch) her eggs fulltime until she has finished laying her entire clutch.