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Of or relating to the Turkic language subfamily, especially the eastern Turkic languages, or their speakers.
n. pl. Turki or Tur·kis
1. The Turkic language subfamily, especially the eastern Turkic languages.
2. A member of a Turki-speaking people.

[Persian turkī, from Turk, Turk, from Turkish Türk; see Turk.]
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Special Units from the the Saudi Land Royal Forces arrived in the Turkis Izmir base where they were received by marine Brigadier General Khaled bin Hussein Al-Assaf, the Saudi military attache in Ankara and Bucharest and the training Marine commander Colonel Abdullah Al-Duraibi, and commanders of the exercise.
The search concentrated on different expressions for a bear (e.g., karhu, otso, mesikammen), a skin (e.g., turkki, turkis, nahka, karva), and fire (e.g., tuli, tulinen, palava, nokinen).
President of the Presidency of Religious Affairs Mehmet Gormez called for abondoning feeling of hatred among the Turkis people.
-Var of Turkis president while descending from his official car
After the early Islamic periods, importance of waqfs was increased, when economic activities significantly shifted from mercantilist trade toward agricultural land-based static systems, and waqfs in the Ottoman world, (in Turkey when the Ottoman Turkis empire was stretched in Middle East and Eastern Europe) had their most significant economic implication, so in the Ottoman State the total waqf land in the early 18th century, were nearly one-third of the productive land.
Its Revolutionary Guards and Special Forces have already made an impact including the rescue of one Russian pilot in land occupied by Syrian Turkis. The other pilot was shot as he parachuted to earth.
1930: Turkis capital Constantinople changed its name to Istanbul.
Industry financial ratios-application of factors analysis in Turkis construction industry.